Parametry SERVER.EXE

Novell NetWare se startoval z DOS partition, což v případě problémů umožnilo opravy startovacího souboru C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF, jakéhosi ekvivalentu CONFIG.SYS pro DOS a spoustu dalších záležitostí.

SERVER [options]

Startup switch:

 option  Descrition
 -KF8  Will Enable Key F8 - Tracer of NLM Load
 -NA  Will Not Execute AUTOEXEC.NCF
 -NDB  Will Not Load Directory Service Database
 -NL  Will Disable Logo Screen
HINT: To substitute a different image for the current logo screen, place a file called NWLOGO.BMP (for machines using a 256-color palette) or NWLOGO16.BMP (for machines using a 16-color palette) in the same directory as server.exe (must be in .BMP format).
BIOS limitations on the size and resolutions of the image are 640x480 pixels. The server will display the 256-color version, if possible; otherwise, the server will use the 16-color image. If neither is found in the directory, the default logo screen is displayed.

 -NS  Will Not Execute STARTUP.NCF and Autoexec.NCF
 -S [path]filename.ncf  Will Specified Alternate STARTUP.NCF
 -Z /NSS Parameter=value  Will Specified Alternate NSS Parameter(s). This values override NSSTART.CFG

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